Saturday, August 1, 2020

July Book Review....

1.     The Smartest Investment Book You’ll Ever Read by Daniel R. Solin: Solid investment advice on how to use indexing to build a nice nest egg for retirement, including arguments against stock-picking and high-fee advisors.

2.    It’s Your Ship by Captain D. Michael Abrashoff: Exactly what you would expect from a leadership book from a career military officer who turned the USS Benfold from one of the worst to the 'Best Damn Ship in the Navy' within 2 years, while also inspiring his crew to take ownership of their performance and futures.

3.    The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss: Another life hack book from the life hack master. Ferriss lays out the secrets (hard work and discipline for the most part…surprise!) for building your best body. My son and I followed his 28-day replicate of the infamous Colorado Experiment, with my son gaining 9 pounds of muscle and me putting a ½ inch on my arms at my age….

The History of Money in America by Alexander del Mar: Excellent book that details not just the evolution of paper, coin and other forms of money in America, but the motivations behind its coming to be and the long-term impact of 

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