Saturday, January 11, 2020


What I’m Reading: Startup Your Life by Anna Akbari, PhD …

What I’m Listening To/WatchingRetirement Starts Today with Benjamin Brandt podcasts….

What I’m Working On: U.G.A. Certified Financial Planner final case study ….

Where I’m Succeeding: Keto diet…. day 11 of diet and day 6 of being in Ketosis ….

Where I’m Struggling: Staying focused …

What I’m Grateful For:  Family ….

Quote That Has Me Thinking: “Yes, everything you do matters. But everything you don’t do matters just as much. Every little thing you d0 – or don’t do – steers life onto a slightly different course.”— Andy Andrews

What I’m Excited About: Figuring things out .….

What I’ve Been Pondering: The next 2.0 ….

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