Monday, December 2, 2019


I recently posted our expenditures through the first 3 quarters of the year with a promise to update, by category, what those disbursements entailed. Thanks to paying off all of our debts a couple years ago, we are now in a position to enjoy life considerably more than before, when we owed the majority of our incoming cash to liabilities.

Through the end of September, we have spent about 12% of our bring-home pay on lifestyle expenses, broken down as follows:

·       Vacation/Travel: 47% of our lifestyle expenses went to 3 nice trips this summer, including Colorado where my son and I got to hike some nice trails and visit the MMM headquarters with Carl (Mr. 1500). We also traveled to  Boston and North Carolina.
·       Spending Money: 30% went towards expenses such as hanging out with friends, concerts (Aaron Lewis and The Muckers were both AWESOME!) and other excursions that didn’t fit neatly into other categories.
·       Clothing: We spent just shy of 7% of this category on clothing. We’re not fancy dressers so the majority of this went the basics, like underwear, socks, long johns, etc.
·       Self-Care (mainly the wife): This includes nails, hair (haha for those of you who know me), massages, etc. We spent just shy of 10% of our lifestyle expense here.
·       Gym (YMCA): 6% of our lifestyle costs went to our local YMCA, which we, in fairness, did not use as much as we could have/should have.

What is even more awesome is that the vast majority of these expenses were paid for with a 2% cash-back credit card (through Fidelity, which then allows us to invest directly back into our brokerage account), which paid us a few hundred dollars for traveling, hanging out with friends, going to the gym and taking care of ourselves, without us ever paying a dime of interest.

Next up will be insurance and medical expenses…..


freddy smidlap said...

i just watched a muckers video and enjoy that kind of music so thanks for turning me on to them. it's a great feeloing to be debt-free, isn't it? also, getting housing and transportation costs down to 12% total is a huge win compared with most americans' spending. well done, sir.

JRobi said...

Thanks, Freddy...Awesome to have you stop by! Being debt-free makes me feel both fortunate and disciplined. I truly believe it requires a little bit of (or maybe a bunch of) both.