Sunday, November 24, 2019


I recently posted our expenditures through the first 3 quarters of the year with a promise to update, by category, what those disbursements entailed. Thanks to paying off all of our debts a couple years ago, we are now in a position to give considerably more than before, when we owed the majority of our incoming cash to liabilities.

Through the end of September, we have been fortunate enough to give away 12% of our income, broken down as follows:

·       Church: 50% of our giving has went to our Church. Malachi 3:10 is a great reminder about God’s expectations here….
·       Other: 25% goes to various charities and people we see in need.
·       College: 15% of our giving goes to college tuition and expenses to help our son get through his education with zero debt.
·       Grandkid’s 529 Plans: 10% goes to us trying to get ahead on our grandchildren’s educations. The Georgia 529 Plan is a great resource for those trying to help others get a start on their secondary education.

It’s nice when debt isn’t a hindrance to being able to help someone in need from time to time, as well as being able to help future generations avoid mistakes I have made.

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