Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Please Subscribe!

As stated in an earlier post, I recently started a nonprofit and if you are subscribed to this blog, please also subscribe to:

The funds are rolling in and I really believe this is a great cause that will help a lot of people who are trying to help themselves. 

The backstory is that when my father died of cancer at 44 years of age, he left a small piece of property in Louisville, Kentucky to be split between me and my siblings. His instructions were to divide the proceeds and establish trust funds for each of our children to help pay for college. My father never graduated from high school, despite being quite bright, and after watching folks pass him up for promotions at the railroad where he had worked for 25 years, came to value the power of an education. That initial $7,000 investment for my daughter grew and helped pay for her college several years later.

Our missionProvide $500 scholarships to working students to help with books, fees, etc. These scholarships would be funded by people in the names of a person of their choice in a field of study (and maybe even a specific school). The student would apply for the scholarship, and, if accepted, send a letter or email of thanks to the person donating the money.

The Proof of Concept: I gave away several scholarships out of pocket last December. Seeing the look of relief on those young scholar's faces was priceless, as was listening to them talk about how they would use the money towards books or minor obstacles that regularly arise.

This is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization so please take the opportunity to save on taxes while supporting people in our community who are working hard to help themselves and their families by furthering their education. Please know that in our initial board meeting, we voted to not take a salary this year and also donated the majority of the funds to date, to include paying all startup fees out of pocket, as well as providing four $500 scholarships out of pocket as we were formulating the idea for this nonprofit.


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