Wednesday, September 26, 2018


There’s nothing like a conversation with a friend you haven’t talked to in a long while to motivate you through difficult patches and help refocus you on what really matters (thanks, Andy!).

And then I came across this quote from an old boxing trainer that reminds me that what I’m working on isn’t really all that difficult to begin with….

“To me, a fight is not a fight until there’s resistance. Until there’s something to overcome. Otherwise, it’s just an athletic venture. It’s an exhibition. I think life is like that. A doctor is not a doctor until he opens up this kid, a kid just like he’s got at home, and arteries are bleeding all over the place – it’s not in the textbook. And he’s gotta do it. He’s gotta figure it out. Then he’s a doctor. He’s a surgeon at that level. You’re not in a fight until there’s pressure. Resistance. Overcoming something.” – Teddy Atlas

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