Thursday, August 30, 2018

Accountability Challenge Week 5 Results (week 6 for me)....

Following is my weekly accountability update with Mr. 1500 . 

This past week has been solid from a workout and diet perspective. I moved back to the intermittent fasting methodology of eating due to recurring issues with insomnia that impact my life in other ways, which has improved my sleep and mood tremendously the past few days. I also altered my workout routine in order to work around longstanding injuries. And while my weight crept up a little bit this week, there are two factors I remind myself to keep in mind: 1. My waist measurement continues its downward trend; and, 2. I’m weighing in a day early this week due to commitments early tomorrow morning. So, chances are, I’d still see gains on that end as well. Regardless, I’m not going for less overall weight, as this tends to effect muscle retention as well as making me look older, but less body fat, which I believe I am accomplishing with my current approach.

More to follow….

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