Wednesday, July 4, 2018

2018 First Half Report....

The first half of this year has been solid with regards to return on investment in most areas of my life. As Jocko Willink says: “Discipline equals freedom,” and if you put in the work on the front end, most of the time you can use that momentum to gain compound interest over time, and even segue successfully into other areas. However, I also failed to get any traction in a few areas because of a LACK of discipline…I base my ratings of success or failure on goals I set at the end of each previous quarter.

2018 First Half Successes
·       Read 11 books on personal finance, diet, self-improvement
·       Read 40 books of the Bible (21 Old Testament/19 NT)
·       Obtained Six Sigma Green Belt Certification (finished course and took test in less than a week)
·       Completed several projects around house, including replacing fence boards, extending out brick walkway and getting gardens planted
·       Helped daughter move into her own house (assisted with moving, painting, etc.)
·       Took wife to California for 2 days (her fav place)
·       Started ‘Man Letters’ with son (12 to date this year). Also visited him at college twice and helped him move back home for summer.
·       Coordinated Grandmother’s 88th birthday party
·       Saved/invested 40% of bring home pay
·       Gave away almost 12% of bring home pay
·       Became shareholder in startup venture/investment opportunity
·       Created multiple tax shelters to protect more of income (FSA, 403b, IRA) – thanks to Tony Robbins (Unshakeable) for this invaluable advice on protecting assets from taxes and fees
·       Paid cash for family vacation in Florida
·       Regular rehab workouts at home, consistent resistance workouts at gym/home
·       Met with doctor and had MRIs done on shoulder and back. Shoulder surgery required during second half of year (at least 3 tears)….
·       Made great strides with Keto/Intermittent Fasting diet, losing 11 pounds, 4% body fat and 2+ inches off waist
·       Commended at work for flow chart design/presentation for operating forum
·       Selected to participate in upcoming design sprint at corporate HQ
·       Increased overall net worth by 4-4.5% (still waiting on final #s)

     2018 First Half Fails
·       Did not get paperwork turned in for non-profit
·       Failed to create minimum viable product (MVP) for business idea
·       Did not see eye doctor (overdue)
·       Backslid on diet in June (vacation time 😊)
·       Did not continue morning routine and meditation after first quarter
·       Completed assessment of local real estate opportunities and made offers, but after counters were made, decided to hold off for the time being. I have an agent and will evaluate new opportunities as they come along, but only make offers on exceptional deals.
·       Failed to follow up with education momentum after completing Six Sigma….


Unknown said...

I would call the first half of your year a huge success - awesome stuff! Your progress is inspiring me - would you be up for quarterly goal setting conversations so we can hold each other accountable?

JRobi said...

Email sent. Welcome to the accountability group, sir!