Thursday, May 24, 2018

Workout Tips...

I was recently interviewed for an article in Garage Gym Magazine…

Since then, I’ve been asked for workout advice. Some very basic, but very easy ideas to implement include the following:

·       Start out slow (and only after being cleared by your doctor): It’s amazing what just some daily walking can do for your health and physique, especially when combined with some dietary changes.
·       Be consistent: Do something physically demanding every single day, even if it doesn’t require a trip to the gym.
·       Switch it up: If training with weights, you only need to train a body part one day a week to gain muscle. Switch it up and add some walking, jump rope, or body weight exercises on off days.
·       Sprint: Nothing rips me up like short, hard runs.
·       Row your boat: Rowing is another great exercise that both tones and adds muscle.

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