Friday, February 16, 2018

What To Do....

With the recent volatility in the stock market, I’ve heard a lot of debate about what to do. With the sharp rise of bond yields, it’s no surprise that many opted to move money into a guaranteed safe investment due to most investors feeling like we were at the end of a bull market cycle.

Regardless, my bet (which is as uneducated as anyone else’s and shouldn't be used over a subject matter expert’s), based on the fact that most economic indicators are currently positive and the market correction seems to be mostly over, is that there is still a good run ahead, and, especially over the long haul, it’s always good to bet on America.

I will personally continue to invest in good growth stock mutual funds with solid track records, along with some growth and income funds to ensure stability, and international funds in emerging markets with a lot of potential. I continue to believe that there is continued growth in our future now that the market is paying closer attention to bonds and the fact that we’ve seen double digit earnings growth.

This is not intended to be advice. Seek guidance from a professional broker or investment adviser for information pertaining to your own unique investment goals. 

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