Saturday, January 27, 2018

Saturday Projects/Random Thoughts....

Productive day today so far….

·       Got up at 5:30 AM
·       Bible study with Kadar
·       Read article from The Economist
·       Did exercise from Think and Grow Rich
·       Read 10 more chapters from the Book of Job
·       Meditated
·       Mailed package to son’s dorm room
·       Worked on brick walkway
·       Picked up Sam’s card
·       Blew yard and transplanted moss

On the way to work yesterday, a driver came flying up on my rear end and stayed there. There was nowhere for me to go due to traffic. Eventually, I got over in the right lane just to avoid getting rear-ended. The driver came around me and sat there alternately smoking and then coughing, then repeating the cycle. The scene made me think back to losing my father to lung cancer early in life. I hope this person finds the strength to change habits before their family has to suffer through the pain of losing a loved one has been on my mind ever since….

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