Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Kaizen Philosophy....

The Japanese word Kaizen, translated simply as ‘good change,’ is a proven methodology for productivity that encompasses constant, continual improvement and dates back to the rebuilding efforts following World War II. This process can be broken down into six main steps:

1.     Standardize: Come up with a process for a specific activity that's repeatable and organized.
2.    Measure: Examine whether the process is efficient using quantifiable data, like time to complete, hours spent, etc.
3.    Compare: Compare your measurements against your requirements. Does this process save time? Does it take too much time? Does it accomplish the desired result?
4.    Innovate: Search for new, better ways to do the same work or achieve the same result. Look for smarter, more efficient routes to the same end-goal that boost productivity.
5.    Standardize: Create repeatable, defined processes for those new, more efficient activities.
6.    Repeat: Go back to step one and start again.

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