Monday, November 20, 2017

Challenge Accepted, Devin....

Yesterday morning, one of our pastors challenged our Church family to a “Priority Check,” with the following questions to consider for the past week: Figure where the majority of your time was spent and what you were doing. How much of your time was spent serving others? How much time was spent in prayer or Bible study with someone else?

Following are my answers:

·       I spent the majority of my time driving to work, working or driving home…to break my day down further, too much of my time at home was spent online, even if intentions were good. Lesson here for me: spend more of the time I actually own with loved ones or plan/prioritize my time better to ensure my efforts produce results. Action items: limit computer time during weekdays to one hour in morning and 30 minutes at night and dedicate more time to specific activities with my wife.

·       My week was actually fairly productive from a serving others angle. I helped my wife prepare for a family gathering throughout the week, completed some projects around the house and continued efforts to coordinate a community garden for a local food bank. Action item for this week: Find a Church family member and complete an act of service.

·       During this week, I said my obligatory prayers when leaving for work and when laying down to sleep. I occasionally prayed for others when receiving the daily Church emails about members of the congregation in need or when thinking about family members. Saturday morning was my weekly long-distance Bible study with Kadar. Lesson here is to add time in prayer and study. Action items: Adding one additional prayer time each day (morning) and a Thursday evening long-distance Bible study with son who is away at college. 

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