Monday, October 16, 2017


After reading about the NSNG Diet (No Sugar/No Grains) and the effects of going into ketosis (where you eliminate almost all carbs from your diet and your body starts burning fat for energy), I decided to see if I could handle a 4 day test. The goal was to get 50-75% of my calories from fat, 15-40% from protein and no more than 10% from carbohydrates. Following was exactly what I ate the past 4 days, as I read you don’t want to initially be in ketosis for longer than that amount of time:

·      -  Thursday: coffee w/butter,  bacon/eggs (dinner after fasting all day)
·      -  Friday: coffee w/butter, nuts/protein drink/bacon & eggs x 2 (lunch and dinner), salsalito turkey
·       -  Saturday: coffee w/butter, spinach salad, meat buffet (one meal in the middle of a 15 hour road trip Saturday)
·       -  Sunday: coffee w/butter, protein drink, avocado (guacamole mix), 2 hamburger patties, fried okra, peas

The pros:

1.     I lost 4.4 pounds and half an inch off my waist
2.    Experienced more clear-headedness than I have in a long time.
3.    My hunger went away, despite restricted calories. Even when fasting for 24 hours, I wasn’t hungry. Full disclosure, though: I really limited activity during this trial, only working out one day and walking an average of 25% less than normal (some due to an all-day trip).

The cons:

1.     Butter coffee takes a long time to get used to….
2.    I didn’t take in enough calories, so some of my weight loss was muscle (lost ¼ inch on arms)
3.    Being a chocoholic will make this diet incredibly difficult over the long haul.

My next goal is to loosen up a little bit on the carbs and increase protein consumption to where the diet is doable longer-term. 

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