Sunday, September 24, 2017

Harvest Pic, Weekend Work, Learning and Friends.....

Shelled a lot of peas/beans and created a fair amount of compost to boot.…

I also met with some buddies to game-plan a community garden for a local food-bank, knocked out my yard work, did my Saturday morning long distance Bible study, knocked out two workouts, and burnt a lot of fallen wood created by Irma…..

In line with my goal of learning something new every week at work and play, we discovered a flaw in a formula at my main job I will be correcting tomorrow.

Additionally, I studied YouTube and tuned up my lawnmower myself and got it running after two weeks of watching my grass grow, a move that saved me upwards of $100.00.

Finally, but most importantly, thanks to several friends (and more I’ll sadly leave out due to a rapidly deteriorating memory…) in no particular order (except the first one J):

  • ·       Carey (the wifey and boss): Thanks for always being my primary source of motivation to make a better life for something bigger and better than myself….
  • ·       My children: My reason for legacy in all areas.
  • ·       Kadar: You getting up at 4:00 AM your time (Arizona) every Saturday to do long-distance Bible study and always calling me out on my excuses keeps me constantly seeking to be a better Christian, husband, father, friend and citizen….
  • ·       Ricky: Your messages every Sunday morning both inspire and challenge me. Thank you.
  • ·       Andy: Thank you for always motivating me.  You have no idea how valuable your friendship is to me….
  • ·       Corey: I know your struggles, brother, despite you never calling them by name. You are a constant source of inspiration. We will be successful. Bank on that….
  • ·       Lenny: My biggest reset button and future successful business partner.
  • ·       Joe C: Thank you for being a father-figure and constantly reminding me that you both love me and expect my best in life.
  • ·       Regan: Thanks for being a humble/servant leader I can aspire to be like.
  • ·       Capo: You know who you are. Thanks for always having my back.
  • ·       Devin: Your future as a leader is beyond your wildest imagination.
  • ·       Darryl: My newest friend.
  • ·       Mike H: My gardening mentor and all-around citizenship example. 

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Unknown said...

BroRobinson, it's an honor to fellowship with you, my friend. The accountability goes both ways. I appreciate you keeping my mind and eyes open with my feet firmly on the ground running towards Him