Saturday, July 29, 2017

Weekly Retrospective....

What I’m readingInternet article by Chad Howse on John Wayne about men needing a code to live by…

What I’m listening to: Personal Finance podcasts by Dave Ramsey

Where I’m failing: Late night eating….my good friend, Paul B, got me a really good deal on protein drinks, but I need to incorporate them into my daily diet instead of waking up and drinking them and eating protein bars at 2 AM…

What I’m excited about: Hitting the local farmer’s market with my father-in-law n a few, and later this afternoon, visiting Helping Hands, a local food bank, with my buddy Corey, to start planning a community garden installation.

Quote that has me thinkingBe the silence that listens.” – Tara Brach

What I need to work on: My historical fiction novel. Started back re-editing, but it’s been very slow-go. Contacting an editor/publisher to force my hand some.

What I’ve been pondering: My Saturday early morning long-distance Bible studies with my brother, Kadar….awesome for the soul….

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