Friday, June 16, 2017

Weekly Retrospective....

What I’m readingUncommon Life Daily Challenge by Tony Dungy

What I’m listening to: real estate podcasts by Jason Hartman….dude knows his stuff…

Where I’m failing: Appreciation….I’m surrounded by excellence that I constantly overlook due to being trained to be so critical: An excellent partner/wife…two excellent children that both surpassed everything I had accomplished at this point in their lives….extended family members that motivate and challenge me to be better….a church family that supports me without question or judgement….friends who are incredibly loyal….the intelligence I am surrounded by at work on a daily basis….I vow to appreciate the exposure I am exposed to more every day from this point forward….

What I’m excited about: Upcoming mission trip to Honduras with my son….but I could have skipped the typhoid shot this morning…..

Quote that has me thinking: For who is God besides the Lord?
And who is the Rock except our God? – Psalm 18:31

What I need to work on: Consistency….

What I’m looking forward to: Some community service with my brother Regan tomorrow….

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