Sunday, May 28, 2017


My church today was a 13.8 mile thoughtful, purposeful tramp across the city, followed by some meditation in the form of an an ice bath. Some awesome scenery and thanks to a couple of friends who observed me far from home and stopped and asked me if I needed a ride. In the future, however, note to self: take identification and water, and wear comfortable shoes. Not sure how Jesus walked as much as he did in sandals, but I definitely get why he took so many frequent rests.   

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Rachel said...

So proud of you, keep up the good work. I also meditate, need to do more! Your an inspiration to me and others. I find that the roads in life have many crossroads, it's which direction you choose and spending each day continuing working on your inner peace makes all the difference. We are never alone, each step you took, Jesus was with you the entire trip. Keep doing good deeds!