Saturday, April 22, 2017

Weekly Retrospective....

What I’m reading: The Truthful Art (still) by Alberto Cairo, The Gospel of Matthew and a book my friend gave me: Shibumi by Trevanian (thanks Jeff!).

What I’m listening to: Tim Ferriss podcast where he interviews Cory Booker. Talk about a politician who really lives by his morals (read about his hunger strike) ….

Where I’m failing: All things body-related (diet, workouts, etc.)

What I’m excited about: Meeting my side-hustle partner to do some community service (working on an elementary school garden) later this morning….hanging out with the wife this evening…..

What I’m thinking about at the momentWhat would Jesus look like if he came back right now? Great conversation piece with my brother, Kadar, early this morning during our long-distance Bible study of The Gospel of Matthew. For me, I picture him as a homeless man wearing a hoody.

What I need to work onEliminate stress and inflammation. Spend quality time with my son before he heads off to college, Spanish….

What I’m looking forward to: Lunch tomorrow with my friend, Lee, to discuss our work with the homeless…..Moving my daughter back from Florida next weekend….

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