Friday, April 7, 2017

Weekly Retrospective....

What I’m reading: Started The Truthful Art by Alberto Cairo and The Gospel of Matthew.

What I’m listening to: The podcast How To Do More featuring Scott Sonenshein, author of Stretch.

Where I’m failing: My diet since the end of March. Too much Easter candy at work….also need to get started studying Spanish asap for upcoming mission trip to Honduras.

What I’m excited about: Me and Kadar getting back into our early morning long-distance Bible study routine (Matthew 15-19 this morning!)

What I’m thinking about at the moment: The acquisition of riches has been for many men, not an end, but a change, of troubles -Epicurus

What I need to work onRehabbing my shoulder….overdid it in the gym….

What I’m looking forward to: My friend’s daughter’s wedding tomorrow (Saturday) night….

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