Sunday, April 23, 2017

Weekend Works

Saturday started off well, with an early morning long distance Bible study with my brother, Kadar. We read Matthew 19-21 together and ended with a great conversation about what we would most easily be able to picture Jesus looking like if he came back today. 

Afterwards, I rode out and met my brother, Corey, to do some community service work he is heading up at an elementary school in Austell. We moved some dirt and put down some pea gravel, while also game planning next moves.

I then came home and cut, edged and blew my yard. As a follow-up, I cut down a small tree with an axe and hauled brush to the fire pit where I enjoyed a few cold beverages.

Sunday started off with a ride back to Austell to the school garden, but the weather had its own plans.

I then met my brother, Lee, to talk to some homeless folks in the Hiram area about how we can help serve their needs. Afterwards, we met with an elderly lady, where we crafted our short-term plan (hamburgers and prayer), along with a potentially longer-term plan at a more permanent structure.

Now, it's time to enjoy the rain and rest....

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