Thursday, April 13, 2017

1st Quarter Highlights....

I’m fortunate to have friends that help hold me accountable (thanks to Corey, Kadar and Tyrone…). We set goals at the beginning of the year and send each other monthly updates, occasionally calling each other out when we fail to own our successes/learning experiences. Here are some personal highlights from the 1st quarter of 2017, along with how I’m starting out the 2nd quarter:

·       Physical: Increased my bench press from 315 to 320 while decreasing my bodyweight from 186.8 to 178.2. Started off April a little bit rough due to all the Easter candy at work and overdoing it in the gym (re injured shoulder) but getting refocused. Started running again (thanks to cold baths) and am up to 2 miles.
·       Added code for ‘infinite scroll’ to blog, set record for monthly posts in March and put together some good visual designs (including Sankeys) for work.
·       Increased net worth by 5.3% and decreased overall debt by 60.2% (including paying off home) while working towards financial freedom. We were also able to live off 42% of our income while throwing everything else at debt.
·       Read 6 books, attended an Alberto Cairo workshop and listened to numerous podcasts about investing, minimalism and real estate.
·       Met with business partner multiple times to strategize. Helped prep a garden the first week of April for an elementary school garden club. Started looking at bringing our monthly homeless feedings to local area. Met with one person in need and scheduled another exploratory meeting to discuss further.
·       Did two long-distance Bible studies with Kadar. Set a more aggressive schedule to get through Matthew in April (kudos to Kadar for getting up at 4:00 AM Pacific time to make this happen J.

Never satisfied, but always learning…..feel free to call me out and help me stay on track. 

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