Friday, March 31, 2017

Weekly Retrospective....

What I’m reading: Finished The Functional Art by Alberto Cairo – great book for learning about visual design from a scientific angle, such as what we see and why, which helps us better present information to readers.

What I’m listening to: O.L.D. Podcasts (Optimal Daily Living) by Neal Malik. Ingenious idea where Neal reads condensed versions of various blogs from the internet focused on helping you to improve your health, finances and general well-being.

Where I’m failing: Learning Spanish, which I need to start taking more seriously with Joshua and I participating in an upcoming mission trip to Honduras in less than 3 months. Also need to get up to date on my long-distance Bible-study with Kadar….

What I’m experimenting with: Cold baths. Great for inflammation, tissue repair and flushing out waste products.

What I’m looking into/considering for the future: Minimalism….

What I need to continue to work on'Nosce te ipsum' – Know Thyself…..

What I’m looking forward to: Dinner with the wife tonight and some community service work with my little brother (Corey) tomorrow (starting a garden for an elementary school)…

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