Thursday, March 23, 2017

Great Site...

...if you're serious about living life fully...

Here's how I've borrowed from this article:

·       Choose a goal that motivates you:
I set some big goals for the year that have far-reaching benefits. Doing less wouldn’t have created the excitement each small win brings me.
·       Make it specific:
Thanks to my accountability group (Kadar/Tyrone/Corey), I have specific goals that I report on each month.
·       Set a deadline:
Each of my financial goals has a set date for achieving (so far, so good)
·       Set up milestones:
Transitions are important to allow you to achieve small wins along the way….
·       Reward yourself:
All work and no play leads to a dull life. Paid the house off last month and took the family to Chops for a great evening out….
·       Break the goal down into small, achievable steps:
Having monthly goals and Smart goals along the way allows you to build up momentum…
·       Schedule it:
Like my old platoon sergeant in the Army used to say: If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.
·       Measure your progress:
By sending monthly reports to my accountability group, I am keeping up with my successes and failures and constantly readjusting to ensure success.
·       If you fall off the wagon, get back on:
To quote Chris Hogan: “Life happens.” And when it does, adjust and move forward.
·       Find a way to hold yourself accountable:

Nothing makes a man more successful than knowing he has to account for his actions. I know that each and every month, my friends will question me if I feed them a line of bull, and congratulate me on true successes.

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