Saturday, March 11, 2017

Gardening Tip of the Week

It's that time of year where there's still a chance of a final frost in North Georgia (despite the recent 70 degree temperatures), making it the perfect time to put down the following cold-weather vegetables to harvest before summer:
  • Beets - Up until April 1
  • Broccoli - March 15 
  • Cabbage – Mar 15
  • Carrots – Mar 29
  • Cauliflower – Apr 1
  • Collards – Mar 15
  • Mustard – Apr 1
  • Onions – Mar 15
  • Potatoes – Mar 15
  • Radish – Apr 1
  • Spinach – Mar 15
  • Turnips – Apr 1
Additional tips to remember:

1.      Get your soil right. Homemade compost is best. Do not turn the soil any more than necessary to avoid doing damage to the soil structure. I find a handheld auger to be best for only pulling up the necessary amount of soil when putting down transplants and a 1 inch drill bit for planting seed.

2.     Use good seed and transplant sources.

3.     Layout your garden in a manner which allows for full sun and good water retention. Plant your taller crops on the north and west sides of the garden to ensure you do not shade out the shorter plants. Have designated walking spaces between rows, as walked on soil is compacted and retards plant growth.

4.     Water as often as necessary based on your soil. Light sandy soil requires water more often. Heavier soils only require about an inch of water per week.

I will be putting out my first video post once we get closer to the planting season. Good luck and feel free to email me or post any questions here if you need further advice.

Good luck!

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