Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Garage Gym Shout-Out/Health Tip(s) of the Week

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Two years ago I got water on my right knee. Went to an orthopedic doctor, who provided no relief, other than draining my knee, which only worked for a little while. Since then, I came across two different actions that led to greater health and mobility:

  1. Stretching chair: The YMCA I workout at has a chair designed to really stretch out your back and lower body, especially the IT band, which apparently is my biggest problem.
  2. Cold baths: I've been sitting in cold water for 10 minutes 3X a week for the past month and recently broke 8 minutes in the mile again after not having ran in 2+ years.

FYI - all of the 'tips' I post here are things I find work for me, whether it be gardening, health, or financial in nature. I'm an expert at nothing.  More than anything, I am my own guinea pig and would ask that you come to what works best for you through your own trial and error...

Please check out John's website when you have time. Some great stuff going on over there...

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