Sunday, March 12, 2017

Double-Check All Your Bills....

The biggest lesson (after disciplined budgeting) I'm learning in this race to financial independence is to double-check all outgoing money headed to the 'regular' vendors. Here are some examples where you can save money, but also need to continually check your bill due to changes:

  • Insurance: Continually compare rates for life, home and vehicle insurance. I had a life insurance policy that increased from $10 a month to $70 per month over a 20 year period without me ever being notified because it was an automatic deduction. Guess what got dropped? We were also able to cut our home insurance in half by shopping around. Auto insurance is a little bit trickier, but raising your deductible is one way to watch premiums decrease if you already have a good policy.
  • Internet: Roping various bills together can lead to discounts, but watch for price increases with cable. And do you really need 700 channels? 
  • Groceries: Write out your meal plan before you go shopping and only buy the items needed to eat for the week. You'll save money and lose a few pounds. And try Aldi if you have one near you. I was blown away by the prices.
  • Cell Phones: Pay cash when buying new cell phones to bring your monthly bill down. 

I hope these hints are helpful. Feel free to share your own experiences.

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