Sunday, October 25, 2015

Walden Flooring

After seeing that my 15x30 foot Walden Garden didn't get enough sunlight to produce much of a garden, I've decided to start putting down a floor of river rock, that I'll then fill in with concrete, before texturing the wall and adding a tin roof. My eventual goal is a nice root cellar to store all of my produce for harvest time next year.

Next Project

The Robinson Garden is expanding....


First time trying these....planted them in a container from seed:

Fall Gardens - Aerial Views

Coming in nicely....

Herbal Medicine

Note to self: don't grab the red logs in the fire, but if you do, cut you some aloe vera from the garden, bust the blister, and rub some gel from the plant directly into the wound to ease the pain and help with the healing process.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

First Fall Harvest

Today I bagged a serving of green beans/purple hull peas/asparagus (delicious when cooked together), my first home grown salad (chard and lettuce) and several peppers.