Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Day Off Project....

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  1. Great job on the chair, looks good in black, saw it painted. Trying to get caught up on my computer. Been thinking about you, hope your doing well. Will be in Stewart again the first weekend in October. Will see how many of our cousins show up this year. It's the Danville reunion, our family had farms, that are now under the lake. One of the speakers asked who my family was, I said Bobo, he responded Joe was a good friend of mine, one of my buddies. They played baseball together. Of course he brought up what a great pitcher he was. Apparently he is a legend in parts of the south. My Dad was in Miss. and went into a store, had some old photos of their baseball team. My Dad said his wife's Uncle played. Asked Dad his name, responded one heck of a pitcher, the best in the league. I plan on visiting his grave and cleaning the stone. It's so close to the road in the cemetery, I worry someone might hit it one day.